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Welcome to Advanced Health Physical Therapy in Waterville and Augusta, Maine. We are glad you are visiting with us today and hope that most of your questions will be answered as you browse our website. You will find that Advanced Health Physical Therapy is able to meet your needs and that we are indeed a patient focused organization.

Advanced Health Physical Therapy

Waterville and Augusta, Maine

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Physical Therapy

Improve Mobility

Passive and active treatments can help to improve flexiblity

Fall Prevention

Therapists can provide exercises that safely challenge your balance and work through ways to improve it

Pain Relief

Soft tissue mobilization, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and specified exercises aid to relieve pain

Injury Recovery or Prevention

Therapists are experts in movement and can provide personalized treatment plans to prevent sports or daily living injuries

Manage Age-Related Issues

Patients may need assistance recovering from a joint replacement, or managing arthritis and osteoporosis 

Avoiding Surgery

Healing an injury or reducing pain can often eliminate the need for surgery

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