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What insurance do we take?

We accept all forms of insurance excluding Cigna

Private/Group Health Insurance

We gladly accept insurance and as preferred providers most group health insurance plans work with us.
At the time of your first visit we confirm the eligibility-coverage and benefits of all our patients and then inform you of the specifics of your insurance coverage for Physical Therapy. As necessary we will obtain authorization from your doctor, or your insurance company, when it is required. Please provide us with your insurance company's name, group number, insured's identification number, date of birth, and insurance address and phone number.

As a courtesy to you we provide insurance billing services.

Auto Insurance

If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident you may choose to use your automobile insurance if there is "Medical Pay" included in your policy. These amounts generally range from $ 1,000.00 to $ 20,000.00 depending on the policy and our clinic can bill your insurance up to the amount of the "Medical Pay" included in their policy. Should that amount be exceeded, we will bill your health insurance for conditional payment, and any co-payments and deductibles will be collected at the time of each visit.

Worker's Compensation

Injured workers have 100% coverage for accepted claims through their employer's worker's compensation insurance. Prior authorization for Physical Therapy is required before you can begin therapy. We work with your doctor and insurance company to obtain authorizations in timely manner to facilitate expedient rehabilitation.

Self Pay

For patients without insurance or who choose not to use their insurance, we have affordable payment options available.

We accept payments by cash, check and credit card.

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